Experiences Offer Possibilities to Be Transformed Into Better Social Beings Essay

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‘Experiences offer possibilities for individuals to be transformed into better social beings’

Of the texts that I have studied I do believe the statement to be true. I think that experiences offer possibilities for individuals to be transformed into better social beings and all three of my texts have evidence of this. The texts I have chosen are ‘looking for Alibrandi’ by Melina Marchetta, ‘Gran Torino’ by Clint Eastwood and ‘the last song’ by Julia Roberts.
The book ‘looking for Alibrandi’ by Melina Marchetta is about a girl names Josephine Alibrandi who is a middle class, third generation, Italian Australian. Josie is transformed throughout the story into a more mature, self accepting person. She overcomes her need to be accepted by everyone and realizes that she cannot run away from her heritage and culture. In the beginning of the book Josie comes across as snobby. She thinks she is better than everyone at cook high. Josie is insecure and feels victimized because people say that she is illegitimate and doesn’t have a father. Josie has a reasonably good relationship with her mother however she always fights with her Nonna. Josie is very intelligent and is on the debating team. She also wants to study law with John Barton. Josie rejects her culture constantly and doesn’t like to be acknowledged as Italian and Australian. The one thing Josie wants is to be ‘emancipated’ from her family and heritage.
Josie meeting her father, Michael Andretti has a big impact on how she sees things. When Josie meets her father at first she wants nothing to do with him, however after getting in trouble at school Michael Andretti comes to her rescue and for the first time she feels what it’s like to have a dad, she absolutely loves the feeling and feels as though she is more accepted by people.
Josie meets a boy named Jacob Coote, he is the captain of cook high school and at first Josie thinks she is better than him. Jacob and Josie get together and because of him Josie is less snobby and her eyes are opened up to the inadequacy of social stereotypes.
Josie learns that her Nonna and her mother are two of the strongest people she knows and her mother had to sacrifice a lot to raise her. Josie finds out about Marcus Stanford, an Australian man who is actually her grandfather; she realizes that lying, illegitimacy and cheating are no longer a big deal.
The death of John Barton, one of Josie’s closest friends really hits her hard. She thought john had a perfect life but he saw it very different. John couldn’t handle the pressures of his father and didn’t want to live up to expectations.
All in all Josie changes for better, she learns to accept herself her culture and where she came from. Josie learns what life has in place for her future and what she does and doesn’t take for granted.

Gran Torino – Clint Eastwood
As well as directing, Clint Eastwood also starts in the movie Gran Torino playing the character of Walter Kowalski. Walt is a recluse and close minded person in the beginning of the movie. Walt shows hatred towards his neighbors due to the fact that they are Asian and he fought in the Korean War, he is hostile towards them and this makes it a difficult lifestyle. racist Saves sue from townies – walk is motivated to intervene because he knows something bad will happen if he doesn’t and he is a good guy deep down and would just let her get hurt. On the ride home he learns more about her and her family,

Thao works for him calls him toad is like a son to walt, walk even says ‘ I am proud to call you my friend’
Walt sacrifices his life to give sue and thao peace

The last song – directed by Julie Anne Robinson
Miley Cyrus plays the character of Veronica Miller or better known as Ronnie in this movie.
In the movie ‘the last song’ Ronnie is a talented pianist who has been playing since she was 5 years of age however her