Experiential Exercise Wilderness Survival Group Behaviour Essay

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Experiential Exercise Wilderness Survival

You are a member of a hiking party. After reaching base camp on the first day, you decide to take a quick sunset hike by yourself. After hiking a few exhilarating miles, you decide to return to camp. On your way back, you soon realize that you are lost. You have shouted for help, to no avail. It is now dark. And getting cold.

Your Task
Without communicating with anyone else in your group, read the following scenarios and choose the best answer. Keep track of your answers on a sheet of paper. You have 10 minutes to answer the 10 questions.

1. The first thing you decide to do is to build a fire. However, you have no matches, so you use the bow-and-drill method. What is the
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Find a level stretch where it breaks into a few channels.

8. After walking for about an hour, you feel several spiders in your pants. You don’t feel any pain, but you realize some spider bites are painless. Which of these spider bites is painless? a. Black Widow b. Brown Recluse c. Wolf Spider d. Harvestman (Daddy Longlegs)

9. You decide to eat some insects. Which insects should you avoid? a. Adults that sting or bite b. Caterpillars and insects that have a pungent odor c. Hairy or brightly colored one. d. All of the above

Group Task

Break into groups of 5–6 people. Now imagine that your whole group is lost. Answer each question as a group, employing a consensus approach to reach each decision. Once the group comes to an agreement, write the decision down on the same sheet of paper that you used for your individual answers. You will have approximately 20 minutes for the group task.

Scoring Your Answers

Your instructor will provide you with the correct answers which are based on expert judgments in these situations (www.wilderness-survival.net). Once you have received the answers, calculate: (A) your individual score; (B) your group’s score; (C) the average individual score in the group; (D) the best individual score in the group. Write these down, and consult with your group to ensure that these scores are accurate.