Essay On Consultative Selling

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Elizabeth Burton
February 22, 2013
Professor Rolley

Consultative selling

For the last five years, I have held the fulltime sales position of Client Partner with a performance improvement origination. In this roll, I sell individual, team, and organizational solutions to mainly Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 organizations. My position as a Client Partner is a consultative sales job. I partner with clients helping them achieve better results. Consultative sales are quite different and very unique, from traditional or transactional sales. In the Consultative sales it is not about convincing the potential client that you have the product they need, or how you have the best price. Consultative sales are about results
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There I had begun to build his trust. The questioning and effective listening have paid off.
Through effective listening I navigated the conversations from personal question, to business framed questions. I really began to question the current organizational strategies, and structure, and goals. When I demonstrated effective listening, the questions naturally flow. The conversation did not sound interrogative, but genuine. Through this conversation, I uncovered so much more than just organizational time management needs. It allowed me to uncover the fact they are looking for a global time management solution, they needed a project management solution, an entry level managers training program, and even a solution to help them execute on their goals.
Almost always when I schedule a face to face client meeting, it is always scheduled for an hour. This client appointment had gone nearly two hours and forty five minutes. The meeting thus far was spent building the relationship though effective listening. During the late portion of the conversation I looked down at my page full of notes, it is time for me to make my recommendation. I made a series of recommendations. My first recommendation is around the time management needs, then project management, then I tie in all the global and manager needs. I held off on the execution needs for the time. At the final closure of