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Biol 1F90
Pravin Rajanayagam
Lab section 40 date experiment performed: 10 November 2014 lab partners: Sarah Tompa Paiten Roukos Louise Etienne

Agarose gel electrophoresis is the most effective way of separating DNA fragments.

Materials and Methods The protocol for Experiment #7was obtained from the BIOL 1F90 Laboratory Manual on pages 2-4 (Martin, 2010).


2011 results from 2011 fruit flies
2015 results from friut flies
Number of f/f individuals
Number of f/s individuals
Number of s/s individuals

TYR genes give instructions for making the enzyme called tyrosinase this enzyme is located in melanocytes , cells that produce pigment called melanin(Logan ,2014). Melanin is a substance that give our hair, skin and eyes their colour(Logan ,2014). Tyrosinase converts amino acids called tyrosine to dopaquinone, a series of other chemical reactions convert dopaquinone to melanin (Brooker,2014). The effects of enzyme conentration on the initial rate of dopachrome formation show that the greater amount of tyrsinase the greater the rate of dopachrome formation. this is because the rate of the reaction is proptional to the concration of the enzyme, this is shown by the graph 1 and figure 1 (Brooker,2014). Increasing the enyme concentation would increase the rate of the reaction, as more enzymes will collide with l-dopa to make the dopachrome (Brooker,2014). The effect that the L-DOPA concentration had on the activity of tyrosinase, at a lower L-DOPA concentration the initial rate moved at a constant rate , but when the L-DOPA concentration increased it reached its V max in which the initial rate dropped(Adam-Day,2012). This is because increasing substrate concentration increases the rate of reaction(Brooker,2014). The greater the substrate molecules will be