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TITLE: Word Association Test
The formation of word association and perceptual defense aim to measure signs of emotional complexes and to be able to identify the degree of threshold for each selected stimulus. The apparatus needed were paper, pencil and ninety-nine (99) stimulus words. For the procedure, the experiment has 1 phase: determination of association reaction time and the measurement of recognition thresholds. Ninety-nine carefully chosen words were presented one at a time. The experiment concludes that there were different signs of emotional complexes and different degree of threshold for
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The human sensory systems are remarkably sensitive and powerful. Like the heart, they work at their jobs constantly. As you read this page, more than 250 million light receptors in your eyes are relaying information about the lines and squiggles on this page to your brain, which sorts and interprets the information. The term sensation refers to this reception of stimulation from the environment. Perception describes the interpretation and understanding of that the environment. ( Henry L. Roediger III, J. Philippine Rushton, Elizabeth Deutsch capaldi scott G. Paris, Little brown company boston. ) In virtually no other area of psychology have the biological and psychological approaches worked together so fruitfully at both levels of analysis a distinction is often made between sensation and perception. At the psychological level, sensations are experiences associated with simple stimuli a flashing red light for example, and perceptions involve the subsequent integration of these sensation it’s a fire engine. At the biological level, sensory processes involved the senses organs and neural pathways that emanate from them, which are concerned with the