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Experience 4 – Hike Goolsby 7
Candace Goolsby
Elaine Heath
English 1020
14 July 2013
I have never been a real big nature person, but I’m that person that never turns down an opportunity to explore. While in California attending a six-month discipleship program, we go on various outings and group activities. One of them was a hike, that is all the calendar said no details or extra information just bring tennis shoes meet downstairs at eight in the morning in the kitchen to pack a lunch. I remember my best friend I being silly and taking tons of pictures because we were not the nature type girls.
We had dressed for the occasion and truly thought we knew what we were getting into. “California has some of the best hiking trails and destinations in the country, and even the world” (Hiking in California).Packed our lunches and filled up the water bottles and off to the vans we went.
Thirty minutes pass in the vans and we all start to get antsy, impatient, and I had to go to the bathroom something horrible. Trying to keep my mind off of the thought of my bladder about to explode we started to sing and that didn’t help because nothing is more hilarious then a group of girls singing songs out of tune, off pitch, and the wrong words. Through all the madness and distractions in the vans I did not notice that we ha stopped

Goolsby 8 and we were in the mountains. My heart drops and I get really nervous all of sudden. This was not about to be just a simple hike on flat land.
My best friend Heather Joy automatically starts to throw a fit, she just kept saying I am not about to be hiking up no mountain. But it was out of our control and all we could do was embrace the moment and go for it. While everyone is standing around and complaining I start watching other people at the park and everyone else was stretching. So I did what everyone else was doing, like they say when in Rome do as the Romans do.
Finally they give us instructions that we will be hiking up a trail on the mountain and it should take us an hour to two hours that doesn’t sound that bad, but the reality was I was out of shape.
Trying to have a positive attitude about the situation and taking this as