Expermitation Critique Essay

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Experimentation Critique
Barbara Knox
University of Phoenix
Foundations of Research Peter Hoag
January 18, 2010

We live in a technological advancing society in which old and young alike have access to cruise the Internet highway. There is no stop signs and roadblocks on the world-wide web. However, in recent years Internet providers have developed features that allow parents to set controls, giving parents the ability to monitor their children activities. With all the protection and system securities available, hackers are still able to invade an individual’s privacy and steal their identity. It is swell to have advanced technology, but parents must not only take precautions to protect themselves, but children as well. Parents must look for ways to circumvent and protect their children from ravishes of drugs just as they seek out parental controls for the Internet.
There is so many campaigns advertised on the television and on the Internet, but there is no voice that resonates like a loving mother or father. A voice that re-assures an adolescent that the parent wants to share and listen to his or her concerns. Most of all parents or guardians must send a message that says I am here. Often mothers are protective of their children during the period of terrible twos; but an equally important, if not more important time of a child’s life is the adolescent years. For this is a time that youth begin to take on more responsibilities. They are in junior high, peer pressure. Naming one thing would be incorrect because teens face many challenges and new decisions that affect their future. Making the right decision is very important, whether it is concerning alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana or other illicit drugs.
Parents are busy and often try to shift the responsibility of guiding their children onto the teachers. However, parents must take full accountability for their children themselves. Just as they monitor the controls for the Internet parents must make sure that they are raising their teen’s awareness about drug and alcohol use. Sure the commercials say, ‘just say no’, but parents must make reinforcing statements that help the child to understand that drug use is unacceptable. Additionally, parents must take the time to supervise their teens. Parents must become involved in community activities and encourage their children to become involved as well. Doing so will act as a deterrent and help the child in make safe choices. Parents must set rules and regulations for adolescents to follow and must become involved in the educational process as well.
Children do not necessarily go looking for the drugs, but many times there are young adults waiting in the wings to introduce young boys and girls to life altering drugs. Quite often drug dealers and users can be found lurking around the schools, parks, bus stops, etc. However, parents have a responsibility to protect their children from vicious criminals roaming the streets as well as those that cruise the information highway as well.
This paper will critique the methods used by The Addiction Research Foundation to survey students in Grades seven through 13 to examine the use of drugs and alcohol throughout the province. This paper will also show from 1977 (approximately 16 years) to this present time, The Addiction Research Foundation continues to survey this age group in an effort to have a drug-free school (Stevens Lavigne, Andrea, 1999). It will also provide statistical information that shows an increase in drug use and the decline in drug use. Additionally, this paper will show how researching a problem helps to discover a management dilemma, as well arrive at solutions to make an appropriate management decision; program development for certain risk factors.
Stevens Lavigne states in Drug- Free Schools that “during the 1980’s, there was an overall decline in drug