Explain How Effective Communication Is Important In Developing Positive Relationships With Children And Adults

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Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults, because it enables them to feel valued and respected and therefore, there will be more positive results in communication (verbally and non verbally). There are different styles of communication which depends on who are involved, for example, an adult could have a more wider complex vocabulary to another adult, either way, child to child etc communication will need to be effective in order to interpret the meaning of others with effective results such as to be able to problem solve or resolve serious situations or to make comfort basically to make a purpose etc (Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Diploma Course (2015) unit one: …show more content…
If a teaching assistant makes every child within the school feel welcomed, valued and respected, by giving appropriate individual attention regulary through effective communication, each child is most likely to express themselves in class by answering questions, sharing ideas perhaps in group times, as well as making suggestions. It is also important for young people to continue to develop their confidence and having positive relationships with others, by using clear wordings and phrases between themselves and teaching staff. The use of languages (Key words) of learning is also important if children and adult learners understand and are able to use them when needed, especially when participating in problem-solving situations and activities (which can lead to new ideas and opinions), and understanding concepts. By listening to each other and by showing good inter-personal skills including good non verbal skills will help bring effective communication. (Kamen, T (2011). Teaching Assistant Handbook Level 3. Effective communication with children p61. London: Hodder