Explain How To Protect Themselves

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We need to make sure that as children become older that they have the ability to protect themselves from harm and to keep themselves safe. We need to do this because as they grow up we as adults will not be with them all the time and therefore will not be able to protect them as much. We need to allow them to develop their own ways of keeping safe and protecting themselves so that they are able to evaluate situations to determine if they are dangerous or if they will cause them any harm. We do this by making sure that the child feels confident in making positive decisions for themselves.
We need to let them know that there concerns will be taken seriously, by developing positive relationships with them. Children need to be encouraged to share any problems or concerns that they might have and to know that they will not get into trouble by doing so. Children need to be confident that they can confide in us with anything including any abusive or harmful situation. They should also be encouraged to report any kind of bullying that they are aware of and to know that they will be supported in this matter.
As children get older they need to feel confident about themselves and the changes that occur in their bodies. They need to know what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour, especially in possible sexual
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For example it is easy for people to send anonymous hurtful messages by text to a mobile phone which is know as cyber-bullying or for a stranger to pretend to be somebody else and to arrange to meet the child for sexual interaction, this is known as grooming. Children can also download innappropriate apps for their phone or apps that they have to pay for thus causing financial problems for themselves or their