Explain How We Are More Likely To Build Good Relationships With Children

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I believe we are much more likely to build good relationships with children and young people if we really make an effort to see things from their point of view. If we do this, they will feel supported and understood, and are much more likely to open up and tell us about what's happening in their lives and how they feel. Seeing things from a childs point of view is not easy. It means really trying to step into their shoes and imagine how a situation looks through their eyes and how it feels to them. We also need to consider the child's perspective if they ask us for our opinion or advice we need to think what we say that will help the child feel more comfortable and not lower their self esteem. Children are much more likely to listen to our opinion or advice if we can put it in a way that means something to them. You should treat all the children with equality and try to build that relationship so they feel safe and comfortable while in your care, the child will make the effort back to make a good relationship and they will be relaxed and come out their shell. There are four key elements to any good relationship:

*Trusting each other
Build trust in your relationships with children - keep your promises, be honest and clear about what you expect from them, apologise when you make a mistake and forgive them for their mistakes. Help them understand that you expect them to do the same with you.

*Effective communication
Take time to listen to a child. Focus on what they are saying and tune in to their body language to try and work out what they are feeling. Put aside how you feel and what you think while you are listening to them, so you can really try to see things from their point of view. If…