Explain how World War 1 affected Canada politically economically and socially Essay

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1. 感谢你的文章让我去听一些,一直想知道,而总是搞不清的“什么是第一次或二次世界大
下来的遗憾了。 2. 请保持标上你自己完成作品的署名,时间等信息。 Explain how World War 1 affected Canada politically, economically and socially 是否符合文章抬头的标准? World War 1 one of the first war that Canada was involved in. the war has impacted
Canada in many ways. For example, Canada’s politics, economy and society. How?
In this essay I will discuss how the World War。 affected Canada politically, economically and socially.
1,能否考虑你的讨论的话题是主要是来自于你现在正在读的教课书本以及 Pauling 给你的参考书
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First of all, Canada’s politics was greatly affected. Starting with Prime Minister
introducing the War Measure Act in 1914. It gave the government the authority to do everything necessary “for the security, defence, peace, order and welfare of Canada.” Before the 1917 federal elections, Prime Minister Borden tried to ensure his victory by introducing two Acts, the
Military Voters Act and the Wartime Elections Act. B orden passed these two acts was because the Liberals leader Wilfrid Laurier would not support him. These two acts gave all Canadian women related to the war a time to vote. In addition, before the elections, Borden swayed some
Liberals and independents who favoured the conscription and forming the first Canadian Union
Government. As for the Liberals, Laurier lost much support outside Quebec because of his position on the conscription and lost the election. As the war ended, Canada and other countries attended the Paris Peace Conference. Prime Minister Borden requested a seat in the
Conference and was granted. Also, Borden were one of those leaders who signed the Treaty of
Versailles and Canada gained international recognition as an independent nation.
All and all, the world war helped Canada be a more well known nation.
points 但故事的内容,事件还是有点乱而我读不顺,例如,既然 Borden 的反对者是 Laurier,请
问 Borden 是什么党派,没能交代清楚,,尤其是作为加拿大的学生应该为加拿大的成功的点点

Secondly, economy in Canada was greatly affected as well. Canada was a main supplier for Europe during the war. Because of necessity in supplies for the war, Canada mass produced munitions, accessories and food for the soldiers.
As a result, the country was using large

amount of money, therefore the government had to tax people, wage reduction on workers,
Victory Bonds, honour rationing and loans to pay off debts and to support the war.
In addition, due to large exports of good to Europe, prices of goods in
Canada rose and the workers aren’t happy about it because they can’t afford them. During that period some Canadian businesses made enormous profits from the inflated price. As a result workers’ demanding a better working conditions became a major issue after the war. All and all, because of the war, Canadian goods helped its economy boom during the war.