Explain How You Expect The Activities To Promote The Expected Skills

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|Enw/Name |Cynllun Gweithgredd / Activity Plan Rhif/No: |
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|Y broses cynllunio: |Mae’r gweithgaredd yma wedi ei chynllunio ar gyfer hybu sgiliau yn y maes/ maesydd datblygu canlynol: |
|The planning process: |This activity has been planned to promote skills in the following area/areas of development: |
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|Ll 5/P5 |I have chosen to do an activiy plan which will help the child with his mathematics by learning them how to count, how to do sums, in different |
| |ways and not just one way. |
|Unit 4 | |
|X | |
|Ll 5/ P5 |Eglurwch sut bydd y gweithgaredd yn hybu'r sgiliau disgwyliedig. |
| |Explain how you expect the activity to promote the expected skills. |
|Unit 4 | |
|X |The skills that are expected from doing this activity is that child will learn to figure things out, and be able to show how they can figure out|
| |what they are doing |
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|Ll 5/P5 |Cynllun wedi ei drafod gyda: |
| |The plan has been discussed with: teacher |
|Ll 5/P5 |Darpariaeth/preparation – ( i gynnwys yr ystyriaeth o’r ardal, nwyddau,dodrefn, offer, iechyd a diogelwch, staff, a.y.y.b) |
| |(to include consideration of the area,materials, furniture,H&S, staff etc) |
|Unit 4 | |
|X |The things that will be included in this activity is, different pictures, it will be in the classroom but in the small room as it will be one to|
| |one, the teacher will sometimes be in the room just to make sure i was showing the pupil what to do correctly. |