Essay about Explain How and Why Person Centred Values Must Influence All Aspects of Health and Social Care Work.

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1.1 Explain how and why person centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work.
Person centred values influence all aspects of health and social care work, for the reason that by law requirements in regards to the Human Rights Act 1998, Health and Social Care Act 2012, along with Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers, health and social care should be based on person centred values. In the interest of individuals who are receiving care, it enables them to be treated with respect and dignity, involving their own needs beliefs and identities, as well as to be supported to remain independent as much as possible. Person centred values also involve individuals to be supported to access their rights, as well as
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3.1 Analyse factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent.
Various forms of diseases, conditions, injuries, and disorders have an impact on an individual’s ability to understand certain information, along with whether they obtain a language barrier, mental impairment, or physical illness, may affect their ability to express consent.
As a care assistant, it is known that an individual who is receiving care has the right to make their own decisions, even if they are not capable of doing so, an individual should be supported in making their own decision.

3.2 Establish consent for an activity or action.
For an informative decision, care plans needs to be followed when establishing consent for an activity or action. It needs to be defined to make sure that an individual is aware of any risks that may be involved.

3.3 Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established.
If consent cannot be readily established such as if an individual has dementia and is no longer capable of legal consent, then care would be giving according to their care plan. The next of kin of the individual would be contacted to give consent.
However, if there is unfortunately no one identified to provide consent, then whoever is caring for them can act in what they regard is best for the individual’s interest.

4.1 Describe different ways of applying active participation to meet