Explain the benefits of internet market Essay

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Explain the benefits of internet marketing
Aqeeb Arshad

Easy jet
• There are three main areas Easy Jet can get opportunities and benefits from when it goes about Internet marketing. These three things, which give business opportunities and benefits in the area of
Internet marketing, are:
• Communications
• Product development
• Business efficiency
• Business legacy

Opportunities for communications:
• Businesses are given opportunities when it comes to buying things online.
Nowadays businesses can put their products online on a website and sell their products also online. When people buy through the Internet, businesses are able to acquire information about the people who are buying. They can see whether the person is a man or a woman. They can get to know their names, their addresses, their postcodes, their phone numbers, and their e-mail addresses. The businesses are also able to see the purchase history so they can see what the customers and consumers are interested in. opportunities for businesses are that the business obtained information about the purchase behaviour of the customers and personalize the website for individuals with products or services that relate to the previous buying’s of the costumers. With all this information businesses gain from selling products and services online businesses are able to create new ways of approaching to customers.

Opportunities for product development:

• Internet marketing gives businesses the opportunity to advertise products and services without the large costs of advertising not on the Internet. It is also a handy and good way to promote developments of products or services on the Internet. Next to that new features of products can be displayed and advertised easily on the Internet. Other opportunities for product development are that businesses can expand their business on the Internet in other markets. This is called market diversification it means expanding a business by offering new products and services

Opportunities for business efficiency
• Opportunities in the supply chain management are a benefit to businesses.
They can create a shorter route for the product to the estimated destination.
The supply chain activities include; delivering sales or services to customers, shipping products, negotiating with the suppliers, managing inventories and stock, trading with partner’s. The opportunity for businesses working with a supply chain is cutting out a business in the supply chain and creating a shorter and smoother way to get the product to the customer.
• Another opportunity for businesses is to increase sales from existing customers. This can be done by adapting Internet marketing strategies in new areas or areas they are already active in. this efficiency makes businesses use the Internet more and the marketing methods on the Internet will become more accepted.


Opportunities for business efficiency
• It is not possible to compare any products on the Apple website however, you can open two different internet tabs and put on each tab the product that you like to compare and read the difference off the two products. There are also lots of other website which you can use to compare the products of Apple, which can be found through
Google or any other search engine on the web.

Opportunities for business efficiency
• Increased bargaining power
• You can’t bid on any of Apple products on their website. Apple is a worldwide known brand with the image of high quality products with a high price tag. When you buy Apple products you usually have a guarantee on the product for one or two years, Apple has done this because they are so sure about their products that it’s that high quality and nothing will happen with it. However, there some famous websites where second hand Apple products are being sold by on EBay. On these website people sell their Apple products which have been used and you got the opportunity to bid on these products and the prices are