Explain The Five Steps Approach To Evidence Based Practice

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The Five Step Approach to Evidence Based Practice
LaTonia Kimmons-Pegues
University of Louisiana Lafayette

The Five Steps Approach to Evidence Based Practice Research is utilized on a daily basis in health care. Most practices that are implemented were researched prior to execution to ensure the health and safety of the clientele in healthcare. The steps of validation to accurately research, confirm, produce, compare and implement are described.
Constructing evidenced based questions should be formulated to avoid bias and should be tailored to get a direct answer with no opportunity for question to be misconstrued. Personal opinion and use of grammar that could deter the reader shall be prohibited. This allows the evidence to reflect an honest response and the possibilities of rebuttals to be initiated.
It is important for the writer to have a wealth of knowledge on the subject before attempting to proceed with researching. Acquiring pre-appraised literature gives the writer the means to understand the most current data on researched topic. It is of great value to writer to have an assortment of readings and compare data and assure the evidence based setting is suitable.
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Using these steps will confirm or deny findings as well as determine the best practice for patient care. Asking the appropriate questions to solidify the grounds for research, guides in direction of outcome. Acquiring pre-appraised literature supports the review process of the evidence-based features that are present to the current times. Appraising several resources for validating contributes in evaluation of evidence. Apply findings to current patient care and evaluate what is best for safety and health of patients. Lastly, assess findings using hierarchy to validate findings. Following the step create a proven evidence-based research