Explain The Main Employability, Personal And Communication Skills Required When Applying For A Specific Job Role

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Organising and planning
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Time management
You now need to describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role in your chosen organisation.In the first half of this assignment I will be describing the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for an assistant manager role within my chosen organization which is Superdrug. As a candidate, having the right set of skills in order to fulfil my role, will put me in a better position and by identifying the skills, this would establish sets of skills that are vital in the workplace or for an interview. Personal skills like being diplomatic, tactical and courteous goes hand in hand as an assistant manager as I need to create a working environment that is warm, supportive and friendly. To do the job, I will need to use my employability skills such as delegation, a very helpful aid for succession planning, personal development - and seeking and encouraging promotion. It's how I can grow in the job - delegation enables me to gain experience to take on higher responsibilities. Communication skills (verbal) such as motivation and supporting – giving praise, encouragement, help everyone work well.
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Good listener
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Accepting responsibility
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Decision making
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Assistant Manager
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Maintaining strict cost and stock control

ASSES MEANS DETERMINE THE IMPORTANCENow the second half of this assignment I will carry this task to the expected destination which is to assess the importance of employability, personal skills and retention of staff within an organization. In order for me to fulfil my role as an assistant manager in Superdrug, having experience in a similar role is a fundamental skill because, the responsibilities I have to take on, I would be familiar with so I would handle this well. Experience is vital when it comes to employability skills as I would know how to perform simple tasks and show a sense of ability to work under pressure by being in similar situations through experience. By having experience this illustrates that I have knowledge of products/services which benefits Superdrug as an organization because I would have clarity when working alongside my Store Manager to lead my team to beat sales, service targets and ensure optimum stock range. As well as having experience being a resourceful skill, having suitable qualifications is important. For example, I had to do a report on how Superdrug has contributed to the employment rates around East London, an Assistant Manager would have to have exceptional English language in written communication. By having qualifications that highlight my skill in written communication and my knowledge of this, would be an advantage because I would use sophisticated terms of my vocabulary in this report which would hold the best reputation that Superdrug should have. In order to do this I would have to fulfil my role first, hence why