Explain The Relationship Between Consumer Traits And Behavior

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Explain the relationship between consumer traits and behavior. Provide a specific example. Consumer behavior can be described as the action a consumer takes in the marketplace. It is the psychological process that consumers go through in recognizing their needs. This includes making purchasing decisions like whether to purchase something are not. What brand to purchase and where to make the purchase. Some factors that influence consumers are cultural, social, self-images, and learning. For example, some cultures women only wear dresses and skirts so because of their culture you will never see those wearing pants are Capri’s. So when it comes to advertisement they will only be interested in ad’s pertaining to dresses and skirts. When it comes to the social influences people usually imitate others they admire and want to wear the most popular trends. The relationship between consumer traits and behavior go hand and hand. Traits are characteristics that distinguish a person and behavior is the way one acts are conducts themselves. So when it comes to consume traits and behavior they are pretty much the same thing. Some people dress based on their emotional state. For example, a sad and lonesome person may dress in black clothes. So the trait that classifies them is black because there emotional state is sadness. So they dress in black to show no feeling and darkness. This is also a sign of their behavior acting out. Second example someone who is trying to have a