explain the significance of: “understanding individuals from a psychological perspective”. Essay

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In 350 words or more using course materials and third party sources explain the significance of: “understanding individuals from a psychological perspective”.


In this assignment I will use a number of examples to explain the significance of “understanding individuals from a psychological perspective.”
1. The listening helper can assist the help-seeker to reach a new and more positive understanding of her current experiences. Example 1
Here is a child who was a slow learner in school, she could not write or read in year six, as a result of this, she was teased and bullied, which lead to further withdrawal and loss of self-esteem. Gradually, the child gained self confidence and self- esteem through one-on-one supportive experience, (coached to learn to read). However, a later traumatic occurrence may further reinforce the self-belief of being different and that ‘something must be wrong with me’, which influenced friendships and partner choices in negative, reinforcing ways. Family patterns and systems may continue to reinforce strengths and vulnerabilities into childhood. An individual can be locked into a role or pattern of behaviour, not only in relation to her original family but also in later relationships. The age and maturity (physical and emotional) of a person when certain events are experienced influence how she understands and is affected by events including how she reflects on them as an adult. For example adults who experience trauma in childhood such as loss of parents or sexual abuse, typically continue to blame themselves despite possibly knowing that they were not responsible. Negative experiences and their consequences can lead to cycle of further reinforcing of negative experiences. It’s better to encourage a help seeker to ensure to explore current and recent experiences before delving into the past because the past is relevant only insofar as it connects to the present patterns. Linking the past and present, however some individuals are aware that childhood has an impact on present functioning and seek to explore their experiences with a non -judging listener. In this case:
2. The listening helper would enable these individuals to make sense of experiences, connecting patterns in the present by using counselling skills .
Example 2 I will also give an example on the scenario I wrote in assignment 9 where my client has a problem with her family. She migrated to Australia 3 years ago from Southern Africa where the culture and the lifestyle is totally different from the lifestyle they are experiencing now and how they were brought up. She has three children. Her 18 year old daughter left home when she was 17 years old and is living with her boy friend. Now her 15 year old daughter has a boy friend. One day her 15year old daughter missed classes and went for four- wheel- driving at the beach during school hours. When the husband come from work he brought up the issue and started beating my client’s 15 year old daughter with a belt and assorted her living her with marks on her legs, and blamed the wife that she was the cause of her having a boyfriend. The next morning her daughter went to school and saw the school counsellor who then encouraged her daughter to report the matter to the police. My client’s husband was called to the police station and was charged with assault and bodily harm and was given an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order. And will appear in court on 17th September 2010.
My client explained how she was brought up in Africa. Her parents did not allow them to have boy friend when they were still young and attending school. Their culture does not allow them to have a boy or girl friend, If a girl and a boy are in Love they were encouraged to bring the boy’s parents home to have a talk with the parents of the girl’s parents before they started going out. And if a girl had a boy friend without her parents