Explain The Systems And Processes In Place To Support Children And Families

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In no more than 1000 words Discuss the systems and processes in place to support children and families.

Services need to be available for children, all young people and their families. The support should make them feel that they are able to progress in their lives not stigmatised. Services should be linked from childhood to adulthood so there should be no time where someone needing support has a lapse in care.
In 1998 ‘Supporting Families’ was a document produced by the Home Office that looked at supporting deprivation, where it could make parenting challenging while impacting on a child’s welfare and achievements. The document looked at ways of supporting parents to get adults back into work, have access to childcare and achieve their goals.
When a family breaks down this has high costs for society. It is for this reason that the government provide support to avoid separation. As a result several provisions were introduced, education schemes, education maintenance and tax credits were just a few.
This was a large investment that was supported by improvement in health services for children and opportunities in education. Agencies were restructured since the 2004 Children’s Act. Support fell into certain categories; being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving and making contributions society.
There are several organisations that offer family support; statutory agencies, charities projects and voluntary organisations. Statutory and voluntary agencies provide services that link with what is happening in society. The family Centre has been running for over 40years and have different functions and are categorised accordingly, function, client, neighbourhood or community.
The client-focused model will only take people who are referred. All the staff are trained. The main focus with families where there is child protection issues. These types of centre would be funded by the local authority.