Explain Two Models of Behaviour Change That Have Been Used in Recent National Health Education Campaigns. Essay

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Explain two models of behaviour change that have been used in recent national health education campaigns.
Theory of Reasoned Action:
This theory was first created by Ajzen and Fishbein in 1980. This theory provides a framework to study the attitudes that support behaviours and suggests that the most important determinate of an individual’s behaviour is their behavioural intent. This is the individual’s intention to preform a certain behaviour, which is formed from a combination of their attitude towards the behaviour and the subject norm. (The subject norm is the individual’s perception of what others expect them to do).

If the individual believes that the result of accepting the behaviour will have a positive effect then the
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However, even though they are thinking about changing they are still unsure about it.
Preparation: in this stage the individual is more motivated and have made a commitment to change their behaviour. During this stage the individual is getting information on how to change so they can then take the first steps which allows them to change.
Action: This stage is when the individual starts to change their behaviour and they use a variety of different techniques to figure out what works best for them.
Maintenance: this stage is when the individual successfully avoids any temptation to get back to their bad behaviour. Usually in this stage the individual tells themselves how well they have done so they can keep on changing their behaviour.
Relapse: returning to old behaviour and abandoning new changes. It is really common for people to experience relapse. Relapse happens when the individual has feelings of discouragement and seeing it as a failure and can occur at any stage.
After these stages are completed the individual can then go through transcendence. This is when the individual is able to control their emotion and understand their behaviour and how to view their behaviour in a good light. During this stage people will feel like they are a new person and their confidence will grow.
This model can be seen within the campaign ‘Stoptober’. This campaign was put together to get people to stop smoking for 28 days. By doing this it was thought