Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships Essay

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Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults.
It’s widely recognised that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performs at school. Whether, it’s just being aware of their progress and understanding their achievements or parents taking a more active role and becoming involved with the school itself.
In order to establish and maintain interest there needs to be regular and reliable communication and sharing of information between the school and pupils families. Schools must create an effective partnership by providing an open and communicative environment with its wider community, forming a link between the classroom,
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How we respond to written or verbal communications by phone is also very important on how they are perceived. If you respond to an Email promptly, responding in a way that is clear and inoffensive the respondent will feel you have acted appropriately and considered their issue raised with importance. By phone although someone cannot misread any body language our tone and how we speak can form an immediate impression. If you are clear to the point, without raising your voice, be respectful to the other persons point of view this will reflect on not only yourself but on how the school is viewed.

Explain the skills needed to communicate with children and young people.

Children are all individual but need adults to be good role models. It is important to establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals and groups of pupils. Effective language skills are essential for children to access the curriculum.
Take time to hear individual pupils express themselves and put their views across. Some pupils are reserved and lack confidence in their abilities and with the dynamics of the class may have little opportunity to come forward. Ensure that all pupils have a chance to put their own views across, be patient, encourage and reassure where appropriate to the pupils needs.
You need to demonstrate that you actively listen by interacting with the pupil, through eye contact and