Explain Why Is Conflict Inevitable But Conflict Is An Option?

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Conflict is a process in which one person or group perceived that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. In another terms, we can call it as a disagreement with one’s idea. It is natural and it's up to us to respond to conflict situations quickly and professionally. We agree that we cannot run away from conflicts because we have different ideas every day in every situation, every places or to every person. Sometimes conflicts will even exist within us. Conflicts will never stop despite we are young or old. But, conflict actually is not necessarily bad. In fact, conflict can be good for organization because it encourages individuals to be open minded and stimulus for new thinking. This includes opening up new possibilities and help to generate new ideas that might have not been considered. Therefore, we had chosen the topic “Conflict is inevitable but combat is an option”.
When we ask people how they generally deal with conflict when they face problems in their workplace, we will receive many kinds of ways to solve one. This is not surprising because most people describe conflict in negative terms, and we try to get rid or get away from things that we do not like. We believe that no matter what
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People tend to say it as “you win some, you lose some”. Compromising is described as looking for a position where the best outcome is settled by equally valued gains. Usually, this method is used to resolve a disagreement. It involves matching the other party’s request, making conditional promises or threats, and actively searching for a middle ground between the interests of the two parties (Gordon, 2002). This style can be effective when both parties are equally powerful and willing to cooperate, and they want to preserve the relationship for the future. But, both parties should know the final decision may just be one answer that is acceptable but not