Explain Why Minors Should Be Allowed To The Use Of Social Media

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I believe that minors should be allowed to have access to social media as long as they have a clear understanding of how to responsibly use it because at this time in the world minors are becoming familiar and exposed to it. It's inevitable they'll use it at some time thus to restrict minors access of using it would be difficult. Its create many other problems dealing with, ethics, morals, and the freedom(s) minors have. Minors should be allowed to use social media, yet there should be an awareness made to them about dangers on social media and how they can safely and responsibly use it. Minors primarily use social media to discover their world and themselves. According to watchdog groups the average blogger is a teenage girl who communicates with five-to-ten friends. The social media is a great …show more content…
Social media allows minors to keep in contact with friends and family far or close, and keep each other updated in one another lives on a constant basis. Minors have been found to communicate with friends and family while on social media nearly “eighty percent” of the time, while the other “ twenty percent” is used to look at their feed. Social media has created an outlet to let friends and family to keep a good sense of unity while constantly being updated with one another's lives. Minors that are not able to visit friends or family can use social media to keep in contact and maintain and build stronger relationships. On a survey done by various universities throughout the U.S., one of ten minors have said through social media they’ve created stronger relationships with friends and family because of how accessible and and instant communication is using social