Explain Why The Beatles Came To America

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Did you know that The Beatles came from England and where different from the other bands in america. 1962 America THE beatles were even more popular than the Rolling Stones.”They were more popular because they were more focused on their music and took there time to make it.”The beatles came from England to America Not only that but they continued there England music experience which people in America didn't know about As a result it made them more popular than The Rolling stones as you can see..
The Beatles had started their music in the U.K the band members were George Harrison,Ringo Starr,Paul McCartney,and John Lennon. They got discovered by their manager Brian Epstein not later after that they came to america as a way to write more music.After “they got discovered they started booking gigs in bars and in restaurants until they got enough fans that they could start to go on tours around the world to think of more music.”The Beatles were first created in liverpool in 1960 they traveled around the world and got more recognizable and could write more music. after having experience around the world in effect it made them more creative than the Rolling Stones as they tour they find even more reasons