Explain Why The Constitution Does Not Give Us Our Rights

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The Constitution does not give us our rights. Our rights are inherent, and inalienable. The Bill of Rights defines the government as “We the People”, and restricts the body of elected representatives all the way up to the president, to what is specifically enumerated in those documents. In other words, if it is not in the Constitution, they can not do it.
Our individual rights are being eroded by subversion. Political correctness is having a chilling effect; causing people to self censor, abrading the right to freedom of speech, and expression in the name of not offending others. For example, people tend to refrain from “racist language”, such as calling an African American man a “black” man or a “Negro”. It could be seen as disrespectful or offending, so we censor ourselves to guarantee the security of others feelings; not their liberty or our own.
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Our rights have been tainted because of some wickedness in the world. You take away our guns by making then illegal, and those same wrongdoers are going to find a way back to them. Our liberty is being taken away for naught! We are not even getting security out of the loss of that right. The 10th amendment, which declares that anything not enumerated in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is supposed to go to the individual states or to the people, but most people think the federal government trumps the will of the state or of the people, complete reverse from what the 10th amendment says. The government can not tread upon our God given rights, nor should we let