Explain with Examples How Different Market Research Methods are Appropriate to Assist Different Marketing Situations Essay

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M1: Explain, with examples, how different market research methods are appropriate to assist different marketing situations. Looking back at the market research methods that could be used to collect information, methods such as questionnaires/ survey, observation, focus groups, experimentation, internet, website monitoring etc. I am going to select 3 primary and 3 secondary methods of research from the ones I have written about. I have chosen 3 primary researches which are: • Focus groups
• Surveys
• Observation
I have chosen 3 secondary researches which are:
• Data records
• Internet
I am working for the NHS and they have asked me to find out how effective the use of leaflets is within the hospital. In order to
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Observation may also be used by teachers to observe students on their behaviour in class and learning outcomes. However some teachers may find this unreasonable because they do not want to be watched and judged by the way they teach by their fellow colleagues. Also using observation at the Manchester College may be too expensive and time consuming for Paul Slater and other teachers as the teachers will have to make time to watch how other teachers teach when they could be marking papers or making the lesson plans and objectives for their next lesson. However using observation will help teachers find out new ways to teach and find out information about students like what they like to do, whether they like to have a physically active lesson or an interactive lesson in order to improve the quality of teaching in the classroom. However I may also use the internet as a form of research to find out new ways teachers can use to teach their students. Using the internet is quick and can be easily accessible. However it may be time consuming if the information I want to find out is complex and requires deep research. Also the way the internet is organised will make it easier of me to find out the information I need with the help of search engines such as Google as it is the most comprehensive of all search engines, however the information I find out may not be true