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Distance Learning is another way of saying, “On Line learning. All you’re assignments are done on the school website, in what is called an electronic forum, the most common is threading. This is a way the class communicates, the instructor adds a Discussion Question and each student responds with a different answer. The “DQ” will be assigned a week, and all the class must post/thread at least six times a week.
I find that asynchronous communication is a great way to form classes. It means that you can have classmates all over the country or even the world. The classes on line breaks up the monotony of regular classes and it takes the rush of learning out of the equation. If I had to be in a synchronous, the opposite of asynchronous, class structure, I do not think I would last long do to my life structure is.

When you post a thread, your class will be able to see what your ideas are about, they can thread down on what you or anyone else post through the day and/or night. Your feedback will come from your instructor and only you and the instructor will see it. This kind of feedback will will help you, they offer better ways to go plan a paper writing or explanation of what you can do better, help for you to stay on track, and best of all “Praise” just how well you are doing. Then to finish it all, Participation grade is a point system that will let you stay