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Our Group, Jackson 5, did not do so well on the first littlefield game. We recently met as a group to evaluate what went wrong in order to write this letter to you explaining what went wrong, and more importantly what we are planning to do to move forward in the next game and excel. This is the list we came up with of what went wrong.

We assumed that the game did not need to be checked every 24 hours based on information told to us in class.
There was no clear schedule for when to check the optimization of each station.
There was no discussion between members about what and when to buy before the action needed to be taken.
Some group members were unclear on how to operate the game.
Once we realized we weren’t making any profit many machines were purchased to make revenue again. But it was so close to the end of the game that they did not have enough time to make enough to cover their costs. Thus causing a low ending cash level.

After we identified these problems we thought of possible solutions to fix all of the problems next game. We created a schedule so that every member checks the game each day at a certain time to make sure we are not getting left behind. We also taught the members who didn’t know how to operate the game to do so, so that they are proficient.

We understand that we had a very low cash level in the game, but we are writing this letter to you to explain what we did wrong and what we are going to do better next time in the hopes that you…