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Academic Plan For The Next Two Years
My academic goal for the next two years is to graduate from a four year institution of my choice with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice by May of 2014. There are 3 strategies I used to help as a guideline with my academic plan. The 3 strategies were for me to focus on my current studies, and choosing the correct university or school and talking with an advisor. Hopefully you find the information very useful especially if you are entering or finishing up your second year at a community or junior college and looking to further your education.
One strategy I found to be helpful was to focus on my grades and current classes so when it was time to transfer I would be well aware of my grade status and standing status at my current school. Keeping my grades up would also help ensure me a successful attempt with entering the college of my choice.
The second, strategy helped me decide on the right university I began to sort out all of the information that was given or provided to me about various universities. Alot of time’s I would receive emails or letter from schools that was out of state deciding on the location and how much the tuition is, is very important for most college students. Knowing or deciding on a major will and can help you when deciding on the right university. You want to make sure that the school of your choice offers your major as a degree and in my case I wanted to make sure the four year institution accepted my