Exploiting The M2M Mobile To Mobileoppo Essay

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Week 5-6
The mobile, social and connected world

Exploiting the M2M (Mobile to mobile) opportunity
The technology behind phones is evolving at an alarmingly rapid rate. We went from rotary phones to smart phones in just a couple of decades, and we are now able to send pictures, update Facebook profiles, and shoot video all from the palm of our hand. The hottest phone on the market today is packed with memory. It seems almost impossible to stay ahead.

However, the smart phone’s importance has been undeniable, and many can’t see themselves functioning on a day to day basis without one, causing many to wonder if other electronics, such as laptops, are even necessary anymore. Although the laptop may seem to be on its way out.

The thing is, smartphones get better at all of this with every OS release and every new hardware iteration. Almost everything that desktop systems do better will, in time, improve on your smartphone. You'll be able to handle serious computational tasks, if only via the cloud.

Here are some reasons why idea of smartphones replacing laptops and/or desktops could become a reality:

It can e-mail. Just about all cell phones have e-mail as a standard feature.
It can Web-browse. Every major cell service offers Web browsing for a few extra dollars a month. Many sites format their pages for easy cell phone reading.
It is small. Anyone who travels a lot with a laptop will probably say that alone is reason enough to…