Exploration: Explorer and Passage; Direct Water Essay

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Exploration; Key terms and concepts
­Conquistador; spanish men given the right to explore and establish settlements in the name of spain.
­Northwest passage; direct water route to Asia through North America
­Plantation system; Unpaid labor to work large farms.
­Columbian exchange; A transfer of people, goods, and ideas between the hemispheres.
­Mercantilism; The idea that a nation's power is based on its wealth. A race developed among European countries to build empires and riches. Spain wins out early on.
­From the 1400s to the 1700s, Europe experienced an “Age of Exploration”
­It occurred is because we see the development of the countries, and/ or you run out of supplies and you have to go elsewhere to get your supplies.
­Christianity was competing with Islam, still are today.
­The moveable type gets the message out faster, but so is going there.; The renaissance encouraged curiosity and a desire for the trade.
­As result of exploration, Euripeans natons grew powerful & spread their inflence throughout the world
Why did Europeans want to explore?
Gold, (money) the desire for new sources of wealth was the main reason for European exploration. *The Crusades & Renaissance stimulated European desires for exotic Asian luxury goods.
* For about 7 years they fought, literally fought, Holy wars was the name for it.
*Merchants began looking for quick, direct trade routes to Asia to avoid Muslim & Italian merchants
& increase profits.
*They only knew of one way, like horses, or legs, you know, actual movement.
The renaissance inspired new possibilities for power & prestige.
*Exploration presented Europeans the opportunity to rise from poverty and gain fame, fortune and status. *Kings who sponsored voyages of exploration gained overseas colonies, new sources of wealth for their nation, & increased power.
European Christians, especially Catholics, wanted to stop the spread of Islam & convert non­Christians to the faith
*Explorers were encouraged to spread Christianity or bring missionaries who would focus on on conversions. ­
: How were explores able to sail so far & make it back again?
*Before the renaissance, sailors did not have the technology to sail very far from Europe & return.
But afterwards they updated the technology.
Trade & cultural diffusion during the Renaissance introduced new navigation techniques to
*Magnetic compass; Astrolabe used stars to show direction.
*Maps were more accurate and used longitude & latitude.
*European shipbuilders built a better ship; The caravel was a strong ship that could travel in the open seas and in shallow water.Caravels had triangular lateen sails that allowed ships to sail against the wind.
*A movable rudder made the caravel more maneuverable; Cannons & rifles gave ships protection
Portugal was the early leader in the Age of Exploration
*Prince Henry the Navigator started a school of navigation to train sailors
*He brought in Europe’s best nap­makers, ship­builders, & sailing
*He wanted to discover new territories, find a quick trade route to Asia, & expand Portugal’s power