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Exploration of My Life

Sociology 1020 L07

Jerry Herron Jr.
Auto-ethnographic Writing/Art Project
Hello everybody my name is Jerry Louis Herron Jr, I am a third generation to the Herron’s lineage. I am the only son to my father, and threw-out my years of being on earth, I can honestly say I love it. I am currently 19 years old and a freshman at ETSU, I plan on getting my masters in business as the year’s progress. Hopefully having success in owning my own business, and to become a great entrepreneur. Growing up in Memphis, TN can be hard and difficult, but my life experience was everything but that. My sibling’s and I where always protected and covered by our parents, meaning that we didn’t have to experience any hardships growing up. We stayed in the nice part of town, went to great school, and never had to deal with things a normal child would have to deal with. I was the last child of both of my parents, so you basically could say that I was spoiled rotten, and could do and get what ever I wanted. My childhood was great, even all the way up to my High School days; I always made the best of any situation. I absolutely love my life and the people in it, wouldn’t change a thing about. I believe god places people and situations in our life on purpose, because it’s for our destiny. No one knows their true destiny and where it shall lead them, they just need to know to make the best of it, keep your head up and always be happy. I am so blessed to be born very healthy, with no sickness or allergenetics to deal, and at 19 yo I am still kicking it strong. Back in high school, people always came to me for advice and issue’s during there hard time, I would guess because they really looked up to me. I want to relate back to sociological mindfulness and the fact when they where talking about the school system and how you where classified by what type of school you went how you where going to turn out in the future. I guess you could call my uniqueness, very beneficial to society in some way, I tend to think outside of the box for the most part and I haven’t any regrets.
Many people might find my life interesting, but there is nothing extraordinary about it. I care a lot about people and am always trying to help no matter what the situation is. I would say my culture is different from what I grew up on; I went in one direction while the rest went off course into something totally different. The perspective that I have on my life is the fact that I didn’t cope understand when everything starts to change while your in school (mainly high school). I’m glad I didn’t choose the road that everybody else did, and the fact that I stayed above the influence and decided to do something with my life. I come from believing that everyone has an equal right to a good life, and so no one should enjoy the power or privileges at others expense. Your life is determined by how you make it, thank god that I learned this at a very early age, and I can help others see it also. I do believe in karma, and the fact that what we do in life can affect other people in some sort of way. Mindfulness is more life paying close attention, and I tend to do a lot of that. I think mainly because I am always eager to learn new and exciting things on a daily basis. Now here’s an example that represents me in every possible way, (ex: To be mindful of a person, as a human being, means trying to see and appreciate his or her uniqueness as a thinking and feeling being) (Education, 2003). I’m the type of person that’s always trying to figure what’s going on in the society and what and how the next person is. Repeatedly over and over I could say how much I am proud of myself, of the great awesome young man I have become. The way I stick out from others shock others, but am very proud of it, it took a lot of hard work. The social society, in which I live now, is somewhat of what I have always dreamed of and for my past.