Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology Essay

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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology
Brittany Skinner
Sociology 100
Prof Young

For my Essay I choose the artical Animals & Human Society artical. The artical Was published in 2010 by Erbschloe, Michael a resercher.The artical talks about how life with out animals, humans would not know what to do and things would not be the same. It talks about how Animals have a complex relationships with humans and that humans have with animals including animals as sources of food, as companions, as objects of sports, sources of entertainment, and as cultural icons. Animals and humans have a roll in each others life and wtih out them as equal the world wouldnt be the same. Animals have been around for many of years they been here befour humans. I have learn that no matter what humans and animals can not live with out one another. As humans we have always have some type of realtionship with animals. Rather its food,compainionship, clothing, or adornment or implements for human use,there is always a conection between us. The artical states ( That there has been a rapidly growing interest in animal welfare in the industrialized nations but in the non-industrialized nations, human-animal relationships and the emphasis on animal exploitation has remained largely the same. The demographics of industrialized nations shifted more to an urban environment with a food service industry and supply chain system that has allowed the status of urban animals to move from food source to pet. There have also been numerous animal welfare groups established and numerous animal welfare laws enacted (Tuomivaara, 2005; Medina, 2008)). The chapter where you could find the information about animals and humans would be in chapter 4. It ties in with everything about how animals and humans intertwine. It has examples where you can see how life works. The human and animal society is the most wonderful thing to have. Animal may not know what really going on and why they are here on this earth but humans do. All they know is that