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Exploration Of a Place With a Surprise Discovery 2012-2013 Miss Savannah State University, Tiffany Hallback held a community service beach cleanup at Tybee Island Beach. She provided transportation which was two small shutter busses. The students that participated had to email her out name and number if we wanted to go. We also had to sign a paper and roll so that she will know who and how many students was attending and riding the bus to and from Tybee Island. Community service at Tybee Island was scheduled from 8am-2pm. We were told was told we would only do two hours and receive 10 community service hours.
The purpose of a beach cleanup is to of course keep the beach clean. We want to clean Tybee Island every month so that the trash won’t get into the water and possibly harm the animals. We also want to do this because of the event called Orange Crush. This event isn’t a Savannah State University event, but a lot of our students do attends and most do think it’s a Savannah state event. We are thinking if we do this every month instead of only the day after orange crush they would see that we really do care about the beach, the animals, and our community.
The students, Tiffany Hallback, The photographers, video recorders, and bus drivers all met inside of King Frazier. We then headed to the beach. When we arrived we were greeted by the workers of Tybee Island. They were dresses I brow bottoms, black shirts, and white shoes. The workers thanked us for coming out then explained to us the instructions of the beach cleanup. We were to partner up with some one, and get all of the materials they had laid out for us. Pens and Tybee Island pencils, a paper that list all of the things we might find at the beach, gloves, a trash bag, and two of the garbage grabbers.
After the instructions we all got a snack, a water bottle, and a hat that they provided us with. We then all split up and began cleaning the beach. My partner was my boyfriend; we took turns doing the assignment. One person picked up the trash, while the other tallied up what items we picked up. The most tallies we got were cigarette butts and candy wrappers. In just our bag we found over 200 cigarette butts and wasn’t able to collect them all that we saw.
My boyfriend and I both went all around the beach, through trees, behind bushes, under the bridge, up and…