Exploration of Pastoral and Academic Support for the Learners Essay

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Exploration of pastoral and academic support for the learners
Explain the practice used with in your setting to establish the specific pastoral and academic support needs of learners
Discuss the range of appropriate support both internally from external agencies to meet identified need
Outline procedures used to enable learners to access support available.

A students’ wellbeing is vitally important. As tutors We want our graduates to leave us equipped with all the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead fulfilling careers and personal lives. Creating a stimulating and supportive environment helps them to thrive in every way – from their intellectual and sporting achievements, to their spiritual development and social and
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Players can also access this support outside of the elite environment if it is affecting their everyday life (physical and psychological corner).

Coach/travel services for all home and away games – Obviously there could be a number of external and financial challenges for the players and families if we asked them to all make their own way to the game so this service is a priority to us to ensure equality and fairness throughout all aspects of their game day experience (social corner).

Player Services – These services are provided daily to all the players and parents who are involved in the elite environment. The Centre of Excellence Director will chat and meet with all parties in a relaxed and informal setting about any issues or barriers the player’s may be facing in their development.

As well as providing these internal services we also work alongside external partners who have relevant expertise across a wide range of fields to maximise the opportunities for learners to gain support. Two examples of our external partners and what they provide are:
 Liverpool John Moores University – Provide sports psychologists to help the players understand the centre of excellence environment and to discover what motivates them as individuals.
 Liverpool County FA – Deliver ‘nutrition on a budget’ classes for players and parents who may be challenged financially to follow the required nutritional plan for each