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Explore the ways Mrs Johnstone is developed in Blood Brothers Mrs Johnstone develops throughout the play we can see this when Russell has used “theres a stone in place of her heart?” we would usually think of a stone being cold this makes us feel like Mrs J is cold and does not have a heart. Mrs Johnstone is vulnerable and has low self esteem issues, we can tell this when Willy used the quote “he told me i was sexier than marilyn monroe” . the writer used this description and quote to let the audience see that Mrs Johnstone has low self esteem and lonliness issues and she wants to feel loved, cared for and looked after. By doing this the author was able to show the vulnerable side of Mrs JOhnston because she was used by a man for sex when all she wanted was to be accepted and loved. Mrs JOhnstone was then quoted saying “then, of course, i found that i was six weeks overdue.” the man said this to have sex with her to take advantage of her. Mrs Johnstone obviously can't afford to feed her children we can tell this when it quotes “hey,man,how come i'm on free dinners? all the other kids laugh at me.” the audience will feel compassion for mrs johnstone because of her financial situation, there would be a great deal of sorrow for the children because going to school they might not be able to have the same stuff as other children have which will make them feel less equal. also if there is not much money within the family the audience might feel empathy because their food intake might not be enough for them causing health problems. Mrs Johnstone is struggling because social services have criticized her by saying “im incapable of controlling the kids i've already got” causing Mrs Johnstone to suffer lower self esteem. This makes the audience feel compassion…