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Autumn Diaz
Miss Planz
3 March 2015
I. Introduction
A. I have a dream! And that dream is to travel this world we all live on. I’m absolutely in love with cities I’ve never seen and people I’ve never met.
B. With that beings said, today I am going to tell you guy about a place I have always dreamed about visiting. It’s an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, it’s close to Turkey, Syria, and Egypt.
C. When I’m finished with my speech you all will know the history, the food and drinks, and a few attractions of Cyprus.

II. Body
A. First I am going to tell you a little history. I know that history may not seem like the most exciting thing to talk about when speaking to a class of high school students, however, the history of Cyprus is definitely an interesting one, and hardly anyone knows the true story behind the country. By understanding the history it allows you all, and myself, to appreciate the way of life and the culture of this country a whole lot more.
1. Cyprus has always been a country full of love. Think back to Mr. Lucas’s English class freshman year, besides learning about his wonderful family, we learned about Greek Mythology. We learned that Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty, she’s was daughter of Zeus and was said to have been “born” from the foams of the most beautiful waters, those waters being the waters of Cyprus. So according to the myth, the goddess of love was said to have been born right there within the island. She is why so many couples flock to the island; they believe because the goddess of love was born there it is one of the most romantic places of them all.
2. It was only about twelve years ago that scientist found real hard evidence of the first people that may have lived on the island in the year 10,000BC.
3. According to “history of Cyprus” the most interesting thing about Cyprus is the gap between the ancient population and the more recent population. The reason why is because there is no signs of people between those times and it is a huge mystery to why all signs of human activity are simply nonexistent.

B. Now that you know about some history about Cyprus, I am going to tell you about the foods and drinks you can expect to find in Cyprus.
1. Almost all food here is filled with herbs and spices, if any of you are looking to lose weight try spending a few months here.
2. According to “Visit Cyprus” doctors and health specialists have applauded the country for its dieting habits.
3. The whole island contains sun ripened fruit and vegetables, high protein fish, loads of olive oil, and lean meat, which are all very healthy options.

C. Now that you know some history and you know what kind of foods you can expect to find there, I’m going to tell you about the most exciting part, the tourist