Explore the Ups Website Essay

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1. What kind of information and services does the Web site provide for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses? List these services.

The UPS website provides information and services regarding billing, shipping, tracking, and business solution for large and small businesses, and individuals.

Services for Individuals are:
• My UPS and UPS account – This service has features such as billing information, account summary, address book, etc; and can be maintained online by the customer.
• Shipping – The customer can create and start a shipment online, calculate the time and cost for the shipment, schedule pick-ups, and create returns and imports.
• Tracking – This feature allows the customer to track packages and
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• Customer Service – Customers will be able to contact to the UPS staff via Live chat, phone call, and other online support. They can also connect with UPS on Facebook and Twitter.
• Locations – Businesses can find various UPS locations on the website.
• Transactional services – Truckload, Intermodal, Temperature controlled, Ocean trans load,
• Other services – Inbound logistics, Transportation management services, UPS Ready, The UPS, Store member services, Post sales service, UPS delivery intercept, UPS Next day air, UPS Carbon neutral, and UPS TradeAbility.

2. Browse the UPS Business Solutions by category (such as shipment delivery, returns, or international trade) and write a description of all the services UPS provides for one of these categories. Explain how a business would benefit from these services.

Description for all the services in UPS Business solutions for International trade:

• Customs brokerage: UPS “Helps clarify trade intricacies, maintain compliance, and keep the shipments moving through customs and across borders”

- Customs clearance: With the combination of UPS’s Brokerage and Transportation services, UPS offers small and large businesses with services like customs compliance and timely delivery of goods with the minimized risk of delays or penalties.
- UPS Trade management: UPS provides expertise in import