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Explorer Research Project & Oral Report

DUE DATE: ____________________________
For this assignment, you will choose to learn about one of the European Explorers who contributed to the exploration of North America. The project will be worth 100 points towards your Social Studies grade. Below, please find a check list of the steps you will need to complete and the point valued assigned to each step. _____ Take the project letter home, have it signed and returned.

_____ Check out a biography from a library. The biography must be of one of the following explorers:

Leif Ericson Christopher Columbus Ferdinand Magellan John Cabot Giovanni de Verranzano Jacques Cartier Henry Hudson Samuel de Champlain Hernando Cortes Francisco Pizarro Hernando de Soto Cabeza de Vaca Marco Polo Francisco Coronado Sir Frances Drake Vasco de Gama Vasco Nunez de Balboa Juan Ponce de Leon Sir Walter Raleigh Amerigo Vespucci Bartholomeu Dias Jacques Marquette

_____ Bring the biography to school by __________________ to show that you have an appropriate biography and that you have begun working on the project. (5 points)

_____ Select important and appropriate information to take notes on while you read. Place the notes into the appropriate sections of the packet as you read through the book. You may also use post-its in addition to the pages provided. You must take notes in every section. You will use these notes when you’re finished reading to select the most important and informative details to present to the class. (10 points) ***When you finish organizing the details you want to present, you may write or type your presentation on paper or index cards, etc. This will allow you to read off of something during your presentation. However, please understand that no written response or presentation is needed to hand in except your notes. What you write is simply to help you organize your thoughts and the information you will need to present during class.

The following is a list of the elements you will need to prepare for your presentation using the notes and research you collected while reading your biography. The packet includes at least one page for you to complete each of the following elements. Your presentation should include each of the following components. _____ The 3-5 most important facts/details about your explorer’s childhood and or early life. (10 points)

_____ The 5-7 most important facts/details about your explorer’s travels and explorations. (15 points)

_____ The 3-5 most important facts/details about your explorer’s later life and or death. (10 points)

_____ Draw, color, and use a map to show the route(s) your explorer took during his most important travels. Be able to explain where they left from, where they went, what the discovered, any trouble they had, and etc. Include a key to demonstrate the route(s) your explorer took on their travels. (10 points) Use a poster board or paper

_____ Draw and color a portrait of your explorer. (10 points) Use a poster board or paper _____ Write down and define five (5) new words that you have read and learned about during this assignment (This should be done on the second to last page of this packet). (5 points)

_____ Be prepared to give a five (5) to seven (7) minute presentation on your explorer including the information listed above. Be knowledgeable about your explorer to the point where you can answer questions from your classmates. During your presentation you will be assessed on how loud you speak, how clear you are, your fluency, and eye contact. (20 points)

_____ Remember to fill out the resources page (back of the packet). Include all books (at least 1) and any websites where you found your information. (5 points) ** You may use or to assist you in the completion of your