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Cai Greeff
Effective Business Presentations, 9AM Class

Hero Story
This story could be the result of being asked, “Recall a situation in which you were able to solve a major problem in your workplace and become more of an asset to the company”.
I used to work a call center that worked primarily in the field of inbound technical support calls. At the time, I was a tier 3 agent, meaning that I would actually assist the frontline agents with their technical calls. A team of 24 and myself did this through an instant messaging system on our computers to 2 different worksites, 40 miles away from each other, while the calls took place.
Relationships between my department and the frontline agents was getting worse and worse every day, through miscommunication and a lack of face-to face contact. Everybody was just a stranger talking to another stranger over the computer, and generally, this isn’t a very functional relationship. After the issue had become too much for me, I approached my supervisor and got cleared to speak with my Call Center Manager about a possible solution to the issue. I proposed to him that we send 2 agents from my department every month to the local and distant site to conduct focus groups and discover the root of the infamous miscommunication taking place.
A couple weeks after our meeting, I had the opportunity to take our data analyst at the time and speak with those 40 miles away. We were able to meet everybody at the site within our…