Exploring Optimism Essay

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Exploring Optimism
Michael Blanck
Instructor Jenkins

When comparing the concepts of optimism and hopefulness, a person’s positive emotions are in play. These are both terms that help us to continue to move in the right direction of our live. When one is optimistic, they have a good idea that things will work out. Hopefulness is a good feeling that a person can have in situations that occur that helped them to stay positive. Both optimism and hopefulness help people to focus on the situation and have a good outlook on it. The main contrast between the two is that optimism has more to it than just a hope. There is something that factor into the situation that gives a person optimism. Optimism can be based more on facts and findings. On the other hand, you can be hopeful for just about anything even though there may be no reason to feel hopeful. If a person is told by a doctor that they are dying, a person can remain hopeful but optimism probably will not be around. Optimism can be harmful also. If an individual is always focused on the good and positive in life, they may ignore some of the negative things that are taking place around them. This can mentally be very difficult for a person who is always optimistic and they could get caught off guard in situations. Defensive pessimism helps people to expect the worst so they can’t be got off guard. This defense mechanism will help one to prepare for failure. This type of thinking in a person…