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|My Career Development Plan |

My MBTI type __I__ __N__ __T__ __J__

1. Look at your MBTI type, and read the characteristics described to that type on the web link “MBTI Basics”. What parts do you see as accurate for you, and which descriptors do you find surprising?

INTJ: The scientists


INTJs are usually difficult to get to know well, and difficult to get close to.(This seems similar to me) Those who are close to the INTJ will highly value them for their ideas and knowledge. Although INTJs are generally very serious-minded people, they also have been known to enjoy letting loose and having fun, if others pull them into it. (Yes, I usually hang out with my friends when they ask me. But sometimes, even though they say many things, I don't wanna go at all. I'd prefer to be alone.) They also can be really good at telling jokes, and exhibiting a sarcastic wit with a poker face. (wow, I think that I hardly ever do like this)

The INTJ is not likely to choose to spend time with people who they feel don't have anything to offer the INTJ. They especially like to spend time with other Intuitive Thinkers, and also usually enjoy the company of Intuitive Feelers. (It makes me really happy when I can find a person who can be my best friend. I used to play with many people but no one closed enough to me.)These personality types love to theorize and speculate about ideas, and so can usually relate well to the INTJ, who loves to analyze ideas. (Absolutely right)

As parents, INTJ's main goal is to raise their children to be intelligent, autonomous and independent. They want their kids to think for themselves and make their own decisions, and so are likely to give them room to grow, and to challenge their decisions and thoughts at key points in their lives. (I wish I can do that)

Career INTJs are brilliant when it comes to grasping complex theories and applying them to problems to come up with long-term strategies. ( I have never noticed about it before but I feel that it takes less time for me to understand a new theories than many people.) Since this type of "strategizing" is the central focus and drive of the INTJ, there is a happy match between desire and ability in this type. Accordingly, the INTJ is happiest and most effective in careers which allow this type of processing, and which promote an environment in which the INTJ is given a lot of autonomy over their daily lives. (It's somehow true with me)

Possible Career Path for the INTJ: Scientists, Engineers, Professors and Teachers, Medical Doctors / Dentists, Corporate Strategists and Organization Builders( Iwant to be like this), Business Administrators / Managers(Great), Military Leaders(I don't like this at all), Lawyers / Attorneys, Judges, Computer Programmers or Systems Analysts(I hope to become like this).

My Strong GOT (General Occupational Theme) __R__ __C__ __S__

| | | | | |

1. Looking at the descriptors of your highest GOTs, what words and phrases do you agree with? What words and phrases do you not agree with?

- Interest: I agree that machines, computers, athletics, or information systems really make me excited. But I’m not sure about working outdoor, accounting, people or teamwork because they seems not really affect to my life. - Work activity: I agree with: operating equipment, using tools, building, organizing, keep records, developing computer applications and caring for people. I’m not sure about providing security, teaching. I think that I don’t have ability to explain something to other people.

- Potential skills: I think I’m not a mechanical ingenuity and dexterity or physical coordination person. But it’s true that I have