Exploring Outer Planets Or Caring Basic Essay

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As the nature of the world is made of a full of colors, diverse opinions exist toward the given topic. Some people say it is praiseworthy for people on the Earth to explore external planets from possibility of serious pollution or war on the Earth. However, nowadays, many people are skeptical of that point because it is not scarcely realistic and uncertain. No doubt, there are growing pressures of people to want government to solve serious problems like pollution and war they face directly in the real life. I think there is nothing important than people’s desires for better life on earth when it comes to the duty of government with considering the tendency. I firmly believe that funding exploration to the outer place is wasting money of people. Also, solving problems on the earth is more urgent and valid than exploration. In this essay, I will present a couple of rationales behind my logic in depth and detail.
First of all, government would waste time and money on the exploration if rushing to the exploration projects. Possibility of the projects is still blur and hidden over now. I once read an article about Science journals by a famous astronomy, Brown Joe. Not surprisingly, his research on the article has shown that for 10 decades, studies and data for external planets of exploration in Russia have not been progressed in compare to enormous funding. They found that about 80% of total funds were discarded in failed products and purifying-system of by-products. As the situation clearly dictates useless of donating to uncertain future of exploring outer