Exploring Poetry From Within Week 4 Eng Essay

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Exploring Poetry from Within
Amanda Trujillo
ENG 125-Introduction to Literature
Instructor: Mindy Ratcliff
March 3, 2014

There are many different and interesting elements that make up a poem. . "She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways" a poem written by William Wordsworth, captured my attention in various ways. The elements throughout this poem that I found most engaging were the different uses of theme, the simplicity of language, and the style. This poem is specifically about a girl named Lucy, who the author describes as an innocent, beautiful, but isolated young woman
According to Terry and Gogel (1987) there is a tension between analyzing parts of a poem, and analyzing the whole poem as one However the analysis of the parts is what is particularly well-illustrated by the process of interpreting a poem.. (Terry & Gogel, 1987) When I first read this poem, I examined the meaning behind each stanza, I think that the many possible themes and elements of this poem are what keep my interest. There is not just one theme, there are many, therefore, you can unravel the poem piece by piece to discover the true purpose for the poem.
Wordsworth uses simple language, primarily one syllable words. In the first quatrain, he describes an isolated area as ‘untrodden ways’, which is where Lucy lived. In the second stanza, Wordsworth who uses the violet as a metaphor to acknowledge her beauty, and a ‘mossy stone’ to suggest isolation. During the last stanza Lucy symbolizes natures design, and her death signifies a loss of nature. The expression ‘ceased to be’ instead of Wordsworth directly saying that Lucy had ‘died’, is significant. Wordsworth uses a form of poetic language, therefore he is implying the conclusion of an actuality rather than the end to an actual life. According to Clugston (2010) In the book Journey Into Literature , the personal details that Lucy and her unclear connection with the narrator attracts the readers, therefore, develops different reactions, but the knowledge gained about Lucy increases the compelling questions—questions that begin to reflect of mysterious life situations you have run into.(Sec 9.4)
Within the poem, there are many different themes, such as; the beauty in nature, the beauty in a woman, love, loneliness, and death. The theme is an unspoken concept that the author put into words to express an overall meaning to the reader. “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways” may give details to have a particular theme, describing Lucy as hidden/isolated can be the details to a theme of loneliness. However, the words used to describe Lucy and the natural surroundings, refer to beauty of a woman/nature, or even love. In the last stanza, Wordsworth’s