Movie Vs The Kite Runner

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Films can be demonstrated to many people to give an easier understanding of the story. Stories which include love, fear, drama, happiness can be greatly expressed in films to help the reader not only read but also view experiences and life events that happen during the story. Sometimes when you read a story is mostly people conversating within each other, however in a film you are able to understand the details of the background, the setting which it is happening, how they live, their culture, and many more to fulfill your knowledge of what the story is trying to mean. As well as books, films are a great way to administer foreshadows and flashbacks we might not understand well by reading. The film “The Kite Runner” directed by Marc Forester was created after the book “The Kite Runner” by Khalid Hosseini in which helps us understand more what happened in the book by giving us out more details and information to understand the plot.
The film “The Kite Runner” was produced in 2000. Its setting was in San Francisco, California flashbacking to the years 1978 to 1979 in the capital of Afghanistan called Kabul. In the middle of a film we can see the director inserts a flashback settling in Fremont, California 1988 and then goes back to the present towards the end of the film. The title given to the film was to make us understand about who the real winner of the game was. It shows how the price was to whoever achieved to catch the last kite that was cut down.
Throughout the film we are able to understand how the actors portray key character roles. One important character is Amir, the main character, which is given the actors of Khalid Abdalla and Zekeria Ebrahimi (past and present). Hassan’s character is acted by the actor Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada, another important character; however, he only appears in the flashback of the film. Assef is acted by Elham Ehsas and Abdul Salaam Yusoufzai (young and grown up). Rahim Khan actor is Shaun Toub also in the beginning of the film. Baba’s character is acted by Homayoun Ershadi. In the present of the film Soraya is acted by Atossa Leoni, General Taheri by Qadir Farookh, Soraya by Ali Danish Bakhtyari. The character of Amir is viewed in first person point of view and the actor fulfilled my knowledge with his social role. The actors of each character how they act and where they act can show us their feelings, their expressions when saying something, the music in which they are acting, and most importantly their reactions of a certain scene.
Film techniques were used in some scenes they enhanced setting and themes of the film such as Aesthetic which is the nature of art and beauty. The genre is drama mostly shown in the film because of the various angles where the film is created. Another technique is cinematography, the art of making motion pictures. It includes various languages foreign and languages that we speak. Examples of those languages are English, Russian, and Persian. Subtitles in English are available when the characters are speaking in a language that we don’t understand. However when we don’t understand the language, the motions and body language can help us determine what they are trying to say. Clothing and culture is also demonstrated in the film such as the clothing of Hazaras making them look poor. Observing their body language and facial expressions tells us how they were back then. Cross cutting is also used in the film