Exploring The World Of Cinderella EDU 237 Essay

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Exploring the World of Cinderella
By: Karen Martinez

The teacher will record students’ responses on KWL chart.

Teacher will ask students what they know about Cinderella tales.
Also, ask students what they want to learn about Cinderella tales.

Adelita (A Mexican
Cinderella Story) by Tomie dePaola

Students will locate Mexico on the globe and make estimates on how far away they think it is.

“Picture Walk”
• Before opening the book, the teacher will show the children the cover and read the title.
• Ask them what they think the story will be about, based only on what they see.
• Then the teacher will slowly flip through the book, page by page, without reading a single word. Ask them questions about each picture they see. ex: "What is going on here?”
"Who is this?”
"Why does the character look so excited?”
"When is this story taking place?”
"Where did the character just come from?”
"How do you think the story is going to end?”
Have them make predictions on what they think it will be about.

• Students will read the book in small groups and individually write a summary of the story.
• Students who know Spanish will be sitting with non-Spanish speaking students. Summaries on Adelita
• The teacher will ask for volunteers to share their summaries on
• Then introduce the book Walt Disney’s Cinderella.

Walt Disney’s Cinderella
Adapted by: Lisa Ann Marsoli
• Students will locate New York on the globe and estimate the distance U.S is from
• The teacher will do a picture walk on the book and have students make predictions. • Students will then read the book in small groups and