Expo: Nutrition and Eat Junk Food Essay

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TDQ: Pg 33-36
1.the powerful situation is that people are blaming fast food restaurant for getting fat.
2.this event changes people because people say they are getting fatter.
3.the motivation for this event is to send a message to other people that McDonald’s makes people fat
4.the people motivated by the cause are the ones who ate McDonald’s and got fat.
5.This happened because people eat too much McDonalds
6.This event connect to my life because I live next to a McDonalds and I see people eating there everyday
Tdq: pg 37-41
1.This event is about how much money big food corporations puts in there adverting
2.this event changes the people because it shows the food corporations are willing to spend a lot of money
3.the motivation for this event is to inform people of the advertising of food corporations
4.the people motivated by this are the consumers
5.this happened because a report was done on how much big corporation spend on adverting.
6.this event connects to my life because I see adverting on TV everyday
1.this article is about what parents can do to fight childhood obesity
2.this event changes people because it tells parents that they have to take better care of their children.
3.the motivation for the event is to show that healthy habits start at home.
4.the California government was motivated to stop obesity.
5.this happened to inform parents that McDonalds is not making their kids fat but unhealthy habits are.
6.this event connect to my life because I heard the law suits against McDonalds
1.this situation is about how big food companies use adverting to get people to eat more
2.this event changes people because it says that big food companies are adverting a lot because they want people to eat more.
3.the motivation for this event is to show that the more food ads the more people eat.
4.David Zinczenko is motivated to inform people of childhood obesity
5.this happened because big food companies advertising too much
6.this event connects to my life because I see food advertising on TV everyday
Activity 1:pg 49
1.The people at fault for the growing weight problem is everyone’s fault because big food companies give too much food and advertise too much, but people also buy too much food and eat too much..
Activity 2:pg 49-50
1. “it’s Portion that make America fat” and “if you pitch it, they will eat” tell me that the author feel like it’s big food companies fault that Americans are fat
2. The purpose of these articles is to inform people that they should not eat at these places
3. The similarities of these two articles are that they are booth against big food companies because they feel that they are the problem that is making people fat.
4. What I can also tell about these articles are that the authors are vegans or hippies
5. Weitraub’s author of “The battle against fast food begins in the home” article is different from Brownlee and Borboza article because instead of blaming the food companies he say that people should blame the parents. It’s similar to Brownlee and Bonboza because it is about eating to much food.
6. Zinczenko author of “Don’t blame the eater” position on obesity is that food companies trick people into eating more.
7. The purpose of the letter written to zinczenko is to show that people have mixed opinions about the food companies
8. I can also tell the letters where written by people from all over the country.
Activity 3:pg 50
1.the purpose of Brownlee comparing food to cigarettes is to show that the tobacco companies use to cause lots of health problems just like the food companies .
2.In Barboza’s food article the first and last paragraph of the story blames big food industry for Americas obesity
3.the intended audience for this is the people of America
4.the information the authors might draw on to convince people of their position are the statics because statics change peoples mind
5.does portion distortion make you fat? Yes portion