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In order to assure that all your assignments as well as your project are submitted, I will only use Blackboard Assignments submission tool . This tool is the most efficient way to evaluate and control assignments and project deadlines and submission. Class assignments and exams will be ALL available under the ASSESSMENT folder. To submit assignments please do the following:
1) Look for the Assignment Tab/folder/Link to locate the assignments. Then, click on the assignment you want to submit. Read the instructions and review the assignment material (documents) if available. Follow the assignment instructions.
2) Type in or attached the document(s) or file(s) containing the assignment. You can attached more than one document (DO NOT CLICK ON SUBMIT UNTIL YOU HAVE ATTACHED ALL THE FILES THAT ARE PART OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT)
3) Click on SUBMIT once you have typed or attached the file(s) containing your assignment.
***For details you should complete Module 4 under the Blackboard Orientation tab***
4) Some assignments must be checked in Turnitin

Remember using this tool is easy and free of error and uncertainty. Once you have submitted the assignment or project, you can confirm the status by clicking on the Assignments link located within the respective folder and looking on the submitted or graded tab. I will ONLY accept assignments submitted in Blackboard assignment links!
Group Assignments Submissions: If you are working in groups, once any of the members submits the assignment, the other members will not need to submit it. However, each member of the team should submit the Peer Evaluation if you feel you had issues with other members! In other words, the Peer Evaluation is not mandatory.
Term project (individual or in Groups if possible)
Students will work in teams or individually. The evaluation will consider the quality and precision of the analysis, and the clarity of the report. This project allows you to apply several concepts discussed in this text. The application of concepts in this manner will enable you to see first-hand how the concepts apply to the real world. The details for this project are available on the “Project Guideline” document.
Make sure that this paper need to be specifically prepared ONLY for this class, it has NOT been submitted for credit in a previous class and will not be submitted for credit in any future class, either in whole or in part.
You must decide first, if you would like to work alone or in groups.
If you want to work alone, you must:
a) Send a note in the Working Solo or in Group? drop box link.
b) Then, you will need to sign-up in the “Solo Sign-up List” and select any available SOLO #. You must sign-up in a SOLO# so that the assignments will be available for you and you will be able to see your grades.

If you would like to work in a group, you must:
a) First all of all, find or contact other students willing to work with you. To do so, you need to post your information on the discussion board link "LOOKING FOR PROJECT PARTNERS".
b) Second, once you have contacted other students, and all members agreed to work together, EACH MEMBER will need to:
Send a note in the Working Solo or in Group? drop box link indicating that you will be working in a group with students, x, y, and z.
SIGN-UP in any available Group# in the Group Sign-up List. Please, Pick a Group Number that is available and make sure to sing-up on the right Group# (Select the group number that your team members are signed)
Please, make sure that all members register in the same Group #, so look for your partners before signing up. Also, do not sign-up in a group that you have not contacted the members and agreed to work together. You must contact the members first.
The maximum number of members in each group should be 6. Keep in mind that the higher the