Expository Essay Outline For Bullying

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•Outline for Expository Essay
•Title bullying _
•I. Introduction: bullying is not right and it needs to stop
• A. Hook: bullying can be anywhere, anytime.
• B. Background information there are many types of bullying such as cyberbullying, physical, and mental.
• C. Background information on topic bullying is proble be happening now either by adults, children, and some government are bullying
• F. THESIS STATEMENT There are many types of bullying and you can stop it
•II background info: Bullying should never happen ever
• A. explain topic: bullying needs to stop now and forever it not wright.
• B. historical context: last year someone killed himself because of bullying
• C. define terms: bullying is a physical
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Detail Such as, punching, touch to be annoyed, some sort of damage to the body.
• C. Fact/ example And verbal
• D. Detail for example, name calling, teasing, stuff that's metal hurt to a victim.
• E. Fact/example as well as, Indirect
• F. Detail such as, spreading nasty stories about someone, exclusion from social groups, and being made the subject of malicious rumours, stuff that spreads around
• G. Sum- up statement bullying is more than one thing it’s a lot of things
•IV. Second Reason Cyberbullying is the worse of them all
• A. Fact/example: Any type of bullying that is carried out by electronic medium.
• B. Detail: Such as, phone, computer, even consoles.
• C. Fact/example There are 7 types including:
• D. Detail Text message bullying, Picture/video clip bullying via mobile phone cameras, Phone call bullying via mobile phones, E-mail bullying, Chat-room bullying, Bullying through instant messaging (IM), Bullying via websites
• E. Fact/example cyber bullying can spread fast with rumores unlike if in real life
• F. Detail someone bullied a kid by a rumor that was spread on the internet.
• G. Sum- up statement cyber bullying is the worst type and you should stop it
V. Third Reason There a way to stop