Expository Essay Topics Week 7

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If I could travel to four places in the world, all expenses paid, I would go to Puerto Rico, Japan, Iceland, and New York. Growing up as a kid my family never took trips outside of the U.S. yet alone California. I was born and raised here and have not left since. The furthest I have ever gotten the chance to go however, was to San Diego. The trip was only about a week long, during the summer, and with my boyfriend. It made me realize that even though the long drive their and back was pure torture, I overall loved to travel. I absolutely love adventuring, seeing new places, experiencing new things, and meeting new people. If I ever was given the opportunity to travel my first choice would be, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is my boyfriend’s homeland where he is currently attending school. I’ve heard and seen nothing but beautiful things about the island overall from a number of people. I’m a big fan of going to the beach and it has always been a life-long goal to visit one with crystal clear water and perfect white sand. I wouldn’t mind trying out cliff diving, new foods, as well as snorkeling with the sea critters. I would love to experience the beautiful island for myself one day and see if all the glorious things I have heard are true or not. Next, I would visit Japan. A very good friend of mine is currently serving the U.S. air force and is stationed in Japan. Not only would I love to see him but also, I’m a huge fan of Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki, a movie animator/writer. I was at least 12 and came across “Howl’s moving castle”, my first Ghibli film and have wanted to visit Studio Ghibli, in Japan, ever since. I would love to try there food considering it’s much different than what us American’s eat from day to day as well as visiting a few temples and exploring the city. After, I would go to Iceland to see the northern lights. Considering how much luck is based on actually even getting to see the lights themselves, makes Iceland almost the last place I would want to visit